November 3, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Philippines in on contest became the best and most likeable place to visit or stay a vacation by tourists. Tourists are composed of non-locals and foreign, however, they have the same expectations as they set their itineraries for the days. The provinces of Cebu and Bohol made a remarkable change in the tourism industry as the provinces continues to improve their services and how they take good care of their guests. Both places has a lot to offer and most likely not available in the provinces in the Philippines thus first time travelers prefer places more familiar by others.

Because of the increase in tourist visit, Cebu Bohol tour package or packages are made available for them (tourists) to take gain of. Cebu has the best natural land and water resources, the best land and water sport activities and on top of that, the well-known whale shark watching in Oslob. On the other hand, Bohol has still the best Chocolate Hills of today, the Tarsiers, one of the best beaches in the Philippines and their flavorful Kalamay. For the tourist’s convenience during travel, their place to stay, food, safety, and importantly their itinerary for the coming days are now all covered depending on the package they use and or otherwise they just have to be more adventurous and explore the places themselves.