March 29, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

What would you say is the best restaurant in the world? Spagos? Capische? Andre's? Very well, I assume it all depends upon your meaning of the word best. So, a few redefine the question: What do you say is the most financially successful restaurant in the world? With the question rephrased, you should have answered "McDonald's. " Of course, few people (over age twelve) would declare McDonald's is the "best" restaurant in the world, so why is it the most successful? The solution is that McDonald's success is a solution of their marketing effectiveness. So, what exactly allows McDonald's to sell great of dollars of food each year? It truly comes down to one key online marketing strategy: frequency. For more help search Dentists Take Control on the internet. Frequency simply means that McDonald's has a high level of regular exposure in the marketplace. McDonald's many locations and constant advertising make it the most identifiable brand in their industry. Marketers call this building "top-of-mind awareness.” By simply effectively making use of this strategy, McDonald's is able to outsell the best restaurants on the globe despite the fact that McDonald's product would seldom be considered as the best. Of course, you are not McDonald's. In fact, your marketing budget pales in comparison to the mega-corporation. Yet, frequency, the principal marketing strategy utilized by McDonald's, works for each and every service or product, whether it's movies, iPods, dry up cleaning, or dentistry. Consistency of exposure is the key to growing your practice. It's only a subject of applying the strategy effectively to your specific situation.


Thus, let's discuss frequency by comparing the sales strategies of two doctors: Doctor Green and Dr. Green. Equally doctors have great medical skills, facilities, and patient care. They have superb teams, and they both rely on referrals to reel in new patients.