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5 Crucial Details Homeowners Should Check for Selecting the Right Door Hardware

Looking to purchase door hardware? If so, then it will be necessary to look for a reputable Toronto door hardware that will have the right knowledge to select the right hardware. In this context, we will go through some important details you need to be aware of to select the right hardware for your door.

Challenges in Selecting the Proper Door Hardware

Toronto door hardwareYou will be able to select the proper door hardware when you are aware of certain things. Let us look at what they are:
Door Thickness: Before selecting any particular door hardware it will be necessary to ensure that it matches the thickness of your door. Normally, indoor doors have 1-3/8 inch thickness and exterior doors have thickness of 1-3/4 inches. 
You will need to provide these details to your Toronto door hardware vendor at the time of purchasing door hardware to be sure that the hardware can be properly installed on your door.
• Size of Bore Hole: Bore hole size refers to hole's diameter in a door. If you are looking for replacement hardware then knowledge of bore hole size will help you in selecting hardware that will fit into the door. 
For a new door, a hole saw will be required that matches bore hole size. If you want to install a deadbolt then it will require bore hole in the range of 2-1/8 or 1-1/2 inches. If installing handle sets or levers, it will be necessary to have a bore hole of about 2-1/8 inches.
• Backset: Another aspect a Toronto door hardware company will require information about will be the backset. It refers to distance from bore hole's center to door's edge. 
You need to check whether the hardware you are going to purchase can fit into multiple backsets or not. Common backsets are 2-3/4 and 2-3/8 inches, so you should have information about which one of these backsets your door has to select the right hardware.
• Configuration: Toronto door hardware is available in different configurations and as such your responsibility will be to check which one will work for your door. In this context you will have to check bolt or latch configuration. If it is a square corner or round corner configuration then you will find that there is a plate that surrounds the both or latch at the edge. 
However, there will be no plate in case of a drive-in configuration. Thus, by having knowledge of present configuration you will be able to buy the right replacement lockset and simplify installation process.
• Lock Set for Entry Door: It will also be important to decide about the type of lock set you will require for the entry door. For instance, keyed ones require you to use the same key each and every time. 
But there are also locks that have DIY-rekeying facility so that you can reconfigure them with the need to remove hardware out of your door. This type of feature can be especially useful in case keys are lost and help you get in.


As we can see improving your knowledge is quite important if you want to buy door hardware which will be right for your doors.