June 3, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

It is understood that dieting is the primary task to lose the weight. But, you must be intelligent and vigilant during your diet. Especially, if you are going to lose more than 20 pounds of weight, then you must make your diet some flexible.

Yes, it is true that people can lose weight at a fast pace if they adopt a strict diet plan but this is not true for the people who want to lose a huge amount of weight. Therefore, the 3 week diet plan is the best diet plan. You must make small diet plans of 3 weeks and then you should take a break.

You can see very severe side effects of a strict dieting. The best idea is that makes some strict dieting for 3 weeks and after that just relax and eat healthy food.

Studies have revealed that people who adopt strict diet plans for a long time, they experience very bad side effects. Some side effects are permanent and they cannot reverse them.

Another 30 weeks study found that people who adopt strict diet plans for a long time gain weight immediately when they leave the diet. The reason is that your body starts losing muscles instead of fats and it gains muscles immediately when you leave the dieting.