November 20, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

So you have applied for a halal certificate and now waiting for the audit team to inspect your facility. Are you and your team nervous?

Are you prepare for the inspection?

I have to say one thing, do not take it for granted. Never take the halal auditing team lightly. Why?

They have the power to reject your application for a halal certificate. They have the authority. Depending on your location and the rules of the state and country, things can turn out to be very tough.

For instance, in Singapore it is not easy to impress the audit team. I have been through this phase. It took me a few good months before I finally received my certificate. The rules here are very strict. They do not spare you even if they see a slight issue.

I believe that it is same throughout the world, especially in the Muslim majority countries. You cannot impress them easily. If you are not Muslim, things will become tougher. I would recommend getting help from a consulting firm. Hire a professional halal certificate consulting firm and they will help you get the certificate in the first go.

If you will try doing it yourself, things will become very hard and you might end up wasting your time.