November 17, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

So you run an online store and sell products? Well, it is a great business model.

One of the biggest challenges that store owners face is to decide as to whether they should deliver products in-house or they should outsource it to a third-party or to a courier service.

There are pros and cons of using both the methods.

If you happen to use cheap courier service Singapore for product delivery, you will end up saving money as well as time. Outsourcing the order processing and inventory management reduces cost and at the same time, you get time for investing in other more important business processes.

If, however, you plan to deliver products yourself, it will cost you a lot because it is not something easy and cheap to do. But doing so will give you full control of your entire business without any external interference. At the same time, you will learn and grow the business at a much faster pace.

Maybe, you can partner with another store and start delivery its products too.

There is another model called dropshipping which is similar to courier service. In this case, the supplier or the manufacturer keeps the products and delivers the products. You will now own the product and this is what makes your business risky. What if the manufacturer stops producing the same product?