November 22, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you own and manage an online store preferably an ecommerce? Do you sell products online through your store?

If so, let me ask you something.

How do you ship products to your customers?

Are you partnered with a third party? Do you ship yourself? Do you use courier in Singapore?

I will get different answers from different people. Not every business and entrepreneur follows the same business model. I mean if you are using a courier service for order shipping, someone else will be using a third party for the same. No two businesses operate the same way.

We have different business models and yes, they can overlap but it is not right to say that every online business or ecommerce store uses courier service to ship products.

No, they don’t.

In fact, most of the online stores do not prefer using a courier service rather they prefer doing it themselves. But if you plan to save money and wish to reduce the shipping cost, you should opt for a courier service. This is the cheapest way to fulfill customer orders effectively.

When you start earning money from the business, you can then move onto other delivery options that you have more control on. You can then innovate and make things better.