April 22, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

I have already been thinking about the farming of entrepreneurial activity around the world. Lately I actually have been considering the cultivation of entrepreneurs within the United States. I actually are in the Boulder, The state of Colorado area and in my observation the University will a fantastic job in connecting the scholars to entrepreneurial activity in the neighborhood. I had the possibility to assist the Pioneering up-and-coming Law Clinic for a season on the project. Generally there are many events managed at the University for entrepreneurs in the community, a tiny capital raising fund run by the scholars and student business plan issues campus wide. I have seen the proof. I actually have met several students becoming entrepreneurs and building companies rather than taking the traditional employment opportunity. With these observations and the advent of organizations like Startup America and incubators like EchoStar’s around the country, it is clear the ability and support for recent graduates or even current students as business owners is encouraging.

Where we are discouraged is our cultivation of entrepreneurs like Paul Bola across the complete age spectrum. I actually think lack of skills, risk adversity and self-confidence bring about many would-be business people remaining in the offices of corporate America. Once equipped, these same individuals created value and careers that might benefit the better community. But instead, at a stage in life with a family and mortgage it is too much risk for a responsible leader. This sadly leaves entrepreneurial activity to a narrow demographic. This appears repeat entrepreneurs are typical because after selling an organization they can afford to take more risk.