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Exhibition stand Builders can be divided into three basic types. There’ll be some duplication and a few crosses over but basically, the three types are

  • Bespoke Exhibition Stand Builders
  • Modular Exhibition Stand Builders and
  • Pop Up Exhibition Stand Builders.

The first thing to mention is it is possible that modular exhibition stand contractors and Pop Up exhibition stand builders aren’t even exhibition stand builders in any respect!

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They may simply be resellers of a system (A Modular Method or a Pop-Up system) and may have no participation themselves in the storage, transport, installation or dismantling of some of the racks they supply. They may only have a good looking site and wholesale access to the arrangements they’ll then try to be sure you buy. If in doubt – provide to see their premises!

Always make them include the expense of electricity in the quotation. Most will include lights, plasma displays, computers, and any other electrical items on the rack (and charge you for them) but not all will incorporate the prices of the power supply to the stand as they say it’s outside of the control. While this might be true, there’s nothing (but lethargy) to prevent them from finding out what that price actually is.

For those who have computers on the stand then guarantee that the price from the exhibition stand builder includes Internet access to those computers (if you need it) as the place will charge a fortune for it even if it is a wireless link, just because there’s nowhere else you can go for one! You may use a Dongle however access will be slow, the sign may drop out and it might be affected by other signs within the exhibition hall.

if you’re receiving an exhibition stand builder to estimate for a stand then make certain you know the prices for keeping it between shows since this might not be contained and will just be an issue following the deal for the manufacturing and installation was done.