February 21, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

You might have seen Valentine’s Day was being observed all over the world. Jan and I, we exchanged cards in the day, after which we took off for our regularly scheduled Zen meditation group here at the church. When we returned we shared a few chocolate covered strawberries. I’m sure plenty of individuals who are here today did something more or less elaborate.

Others among our friends, nonetheless, as a matter of primary don't celebrate Valentine’s Day when they’re coupled. This vacation is not in any way clear comes with some connection into a Christian saint of that name, although which one exactly, or, even what the connection is supposed to be to that saint. Instead it's well known this festival is mostly the creation of a conspiracy amongst the greeting card association, the national confectioners organization, and the national alliance of floral organizations. I’m pretty certain we've a solid paper trail including hotel bills and photos of smoke.

This day all that acknowledged has turned into a moment within our culture. And, you know, that’s a thing that is worthy, even though it does at precisely the same time play into the nefarious hands of florists, candy makers, and the greeting card manufacturers.

Now, if we’re a little fortunate, this holiday also inclines us to reveal some on the disposition of love. Nearly always I discover a positive thing. Love is, because you may have heard, a many splendored thing. In fact romantic love is just one, a very important one, but nonetheless one among many facets of a bigger mystery that's crucial, I believe, to our humankind.

And now, I find myself thinking about that range of significance encompassed within that one word we use, love. As anyone who has examined the New Testament knows the Greeks truly had four terms for facets of what we in English cram together into that single word. The ones that are big are romantic, sensual or eros love, and agape, what we normally think of Divine love. Given less focus, but nonetheless entirely within your family of love, are affection, storge or familial camaraderie, or love, and philia. Meet people online to share your experiences on friendship journey.