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Back pain is an uneasiness most generally situated in the lumbar area of the spine and nearby tissues. It is a very general illness and is most often triggered by stress or injury to a muscle, ligament, bone or nerve. You can also get best scoliosis treatment in Singapore by clicking at:

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Low back pain can become chronic if the origin of the distress isn’t correctly treated.  The most frequent causes of back pain are abrupt tears or strains of the joints, tendons, or ligaments of the spine.

The region of these rips is tender to the touch, and the pain is increased by going around.  Pain can also be due to chronic strain into the spine brought on by curvatures of the spine, using one leg shorter than another, poor posture, or repetitive lifting of heavy items.

A “slipped,” or herniated, disc happens when one of the intervertebral discs, which function to separate the vertebrae and act to absorb the shock of movement, slips out of place.

This displacement can compress a spinal column and put a strain on the surrounding ligaments.  Additionally, this can bring about sciatica, in which pressure on the sciatic nerve causes pain down one or both of those legs.

Infection may result from atherosclerosis, in which the roughened surface of the bone ends in localized irritation.  In osteoporosis, the bones become fragile because of deficiency of calcium vertebrae can, consequently, collapse, leading to pain and potential nerve compression.