November 27, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Last week, I was reading a case study of a restaurant that increased its sales with the help of a halal certificate. The restaurant applied for a halal certificate, received it, and started promoting itself as a safe place for Muslims to eat.

It ran a PPC campaign for a few weeks targeting locals and resulted in a massive increase in customers and sales. The revenue for the restaurant skyrocketed.

A simple halal certificate can help your business (in particular niches and industries) to grow like crazy. The challenging part is getting the certificate, once you have it, rest is easy.

In order to get a halal certificate, you have to seek help from halal consultation company such as Halalxpert or any other local halal consulting firm. You can prepare your business yourself to qualify for a halal certificate but it might take a lot of time. If you do not have the right experience and skills, your application for a halal certificate might get rejected.

A better idea is to hire a consultancy firm and let it handle the entire process. A consultancy firm that specializes in halal certification will have the right experience and skills to get a halal certificate for your business.

Get in touch with a local halal certification consultancy firm today.