December 28, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Food taste and food category vary from region to region. When it comes to food, we all know that no one can hold back and every time we hear food, a shine automatically comes to our eyes.

When we are talking about free food samples then, no doubt, it is the best feeling. I remember from a couple of my own experiences recently I was attending an international conference in which lots of companies were present to provide with free food samples. Yes, free food samples, as I am a beast when it comes to eating so I tried every food present for a sample, as I am a halal consumer so I was looking for the businesses giving food with a surety of a verified halal application.

I became so crazy in eating that after short intervals I was found eating at a food corner and trying on free samples. As I am a selfless person, I not only enjoyed the food on my own but rather I was advising my small appetite friends what to eat to fill their taste buds with heavenly flavors.

However, I still remember the taste of that one particular olive and chicken barbecue flavor sandwich I wish I could have it again for free.