March 16, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

The temperature is rising which usually means more and more people are getting outside and being active. During this time of year I see several individual who enjoy running for both a weekend activity and those who race for competition. When I see these individuals I am usually treating them for runner’s knee, IT band injury, piriformis injury or low back pain. Runner’s knee and IT band injuries are some of the most common injuries I see from treating competitive athletes, weekend runner’s or even new beginners. Runner’s knee can be seen as an umbrella diagnosis that includes most if not all the injuries to a knee with runners. However, I see runner’s knee as an injury to the soft tissue and/or cartilage between the knee cap (patella) and the femur (upper leg). 

The first step on treating runner’s knee is to use ice to reduce the irritation of the soft tissue and cartilage. From here it is important on finding out what is causing the excessive amount of rubbing. Occasionally it is caused from increased hypertonicity in the quadriceps. This is an easy fix with increased stretches. Sometimes it is caused due to misalignment of the patella and femur. This can occur due to misalignment of the ankle or hips. With an adjustment of either or both of the joints can correct the issue. Sometime though it is simply an over use injury and needs rest.  Find out more at ApexMedicalAZ.