October 9, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Those who use vegan brushes know just how much they differ from traditional makeup brushes. Thus, they are also cleaned in a different manner. Read on to find out the appropriate ways of cleaning your vegan brushes.


Sulphate Free Shampoo

Sulphate free shampoos are perfect for the purpose of cleaning makeup brushes. They are neither too harsh nor overly moisturizing. These come in handy when you are travelling and wish to clean your makeup brushes.

To clean your vegan makeup brush set all you need to do is prepare a mixture of water and sulphate free shampoo. Swirl around the bristles of your vegan makeup brushes in the mixture and then wash them with clean water. Leave the brushes to then air dry.

Glycerine Based Soaps

A glycerine soap bar is ideal for removing all the bacteria and residual makeup left on the bristles of the makeup brush. Avoid moisturizing soaps as these would leave an oily residue on the bristles of the brush.

To clean the brush according to this method, begin by dampening the bristles and then gently massage them against the soap bar. Pinch the bristles lightly to get rid of the soapy water. Wash under the tap to remove all the soap. Leave the brush to air dry.

Too Harsh Dish Detergents

Dish detergents help to fulfil the purpose of cleaning vegan makeup brushes as well. They are made to dissolve any oily residue or grime and are therefore extremely effective vegan brush cleaners.

All you are required to do is squirt out some on your palm, swirl the bristles onto the detergent and then wash off the detergent with water. The brushes are then to be left to air dry.

These are the most effective and convenient methods of cleaning vegan brushes.