November 29, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Most people who like to visit museums want to have a few free hours so that they can roam around, read plaques or listen to the audio tour. People with children often have to cut their tours short for the sake of their own sanity and to deal with their child’s tantrums.


Following are a few ways you can make museums a fun place to visit for your kids as well:

1. Maps and brochure

It is a fact that you can make anything fun with the right visual aids and most children love maps. Give kids a map or some information brochures and let them ask about different places shown in the. Moreover, give them a chance to navigate as almost every room has something new in a museum and they would not be disappointed.

2. Make it a game

The classic museum game most children like is they have to select one thing they can rescue if the museum is on fire. Or you can ask about the era in which they would like to live in if they had a choice. You can ask similar questions in every room or section of the museum to keep them occupied. If you have younger kind you can ask them to count number of arrows in the painting to keep them interested.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Most museums have a guide for their most famous collections or art work. Select one or a few items when you enter the museum and allow your kid to go for a treasure hunt. If they are able to find all the things you can get them a reward from Souvenir shop.

When visiting hellfire pass museum you can make it fun for your children by keeping them occupied.