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To start, drill press chucks, mostly because of their technical taper, are slightly different than your normal drill chuck. The specially tapered shaft of a drill press chuck is designed to fit firmly to the drill press spindle, which, obviously, has precisely the same taper.

This taper, one shared by just about all drill presses and their throw counterparts, is called Morse taper that, despite its simplicity, is remarkably efficient keeping an always firm grip and enabling rapid drill bit removal and fitting in a massive array of sizes.

NOTE: Generally, a drill press with no Morse taper is a great indication of a poor drill press.

Eliminate drill bits from your toss prior to trying to remove it.


If your drill press chuck wobbles, won’t firmly grip a little at a great vertical, has a bent shaft, or is in another fashion defective, it ought to be replaced. Using the chuck key or chuck removal tool is the easiest and safest way to remove the chuck.

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If, however, for one reason or another, destiny has separated you from the throw key, you can usually purchase one individually, or you could simply cotton to another, slightly more cave-mannish but an equally effective method of removal. This more basic method consists, basically, of carefully striking the toss with a bit of scrap wood (or other similar soft-ish substance that will not harm the chuck or spindle) and a mallet.