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If you like your toddler son to sleep well, you can use this amazing Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed since it is just so wonderful. Playing with a toy is already fun but sleeping in a toy can be an awesome experience. Well, maybe it is just too good so your toddler boy has a trouble sleeping in it since he always want to play with it. Not to mention his sibling can be very jealous if you only buy one of this bed. The boy can pretend fishing, playing pirate, shooting the light-pretend canon or playing with the turn-sized ship's wheel ( to fit a standard size crib mattress (approximately 52″ x 28″ x 6″)), or just playing with his toys which can be stored in the built-in storage box. The beach was as expected full of rocks and there were red flags on the beach everyday. Even at the hilton mentionned in other posts it was not better maybe from the hurricane that passed by the previous week. But we managed to bait in the first few feet and play in the sand soi t was not too bad but definitely the beaches in DR and Cuba are much better but for the price of this trip i am not disatisfied. 152$ a night plus a very cheap flight made this incredibly affordable ansd overall a veryvery good value for the price.

little tikes crib bedding

All the stops have been pulled out with the design to fantastic effect, and a small child's likely to be thrilled to have a colorful little boat” all their own even before finding out it's also both a bed and a toy. You can put your little Peter Pan to bed with a book or with wheel-turning and pretend pointing-out of islands, and if the lights don't keep any tossing and turning at bay (which they might; at any rate, they seem to please), the boat won't rock with them.

A beautiful shade of pink and gold crown details ensure the KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed will make your little princess feels like royalty. Constructed primarily of composite wood, this toddler bed has a more regal look than those constructed of plastic. The guard rails on either side of the bed don't look like guard rails most toddler beds feature as they feature a whimsical design with detailed gold swirls which add a noble look to the bed. The four bedposts are topped with gold crowns and there are also gold crowns on the head/footboards as well. This toddler bed fits most standard toddler mattresses, so you can easily transfer your little princess' mattress from her crib right into their new royal bed.

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This is one piratical design that cultivates the child's wildest imagination of being one Johnny Depp in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Its bed base is made of hard and solid marine plywood and all the fittings and fixtures were from solid hard wood. The bed provides a big space for storage. At the bow are shelves and the stern is good for all treasures. On one side of the ship-bed are three drawers disguised as cannons. Several awesome details are waves that are seemingly breaking around the whole side area. It is decorated with a real ship wheel, railings, sail and a working brass ship bell. The whole bed can be broken down into 3 parts for transportation. It allows for engraved brass plaques.