July 16, 2018 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Do you have water damage in your rented home or apartment? You might be worried when it comes to paying for the damage, but luckily, that doesn’t usually fall under the tenant’s responsibilities. Because renting comes with a lease or contract, there are certain laws that protect you from being charged with things.

These laws pertain to a landlord creating a safe, healthy space to live in for a tenant who pays them rent. If there’s something like water damage happening, it is no longer safe or healthy, considering mold can grow and plaster or drywall can fall onto you.

Of course, if it’s due to the tenant’s negligence, it could mean that they have to pay for it. The tenant needs to alert the landlord to the damages very quickly to prevent further damage. If the bathtub was left on or something else flooded similarly, then the landlord may try to force charges.

Regardless, if everything goes over smoothly, it’s likely that insurance and other agencies will take care of it. It is worth noting that there are real estate laws that work in your favor when it comes to this sort of thing, of course. Landlords may try, but they can’t take advantage of you. There’s more information at Damage Control 911 of Orlando.