January 20, 2018 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

In the extremely hot summer days, it is very hard to survive and thus we need to learn about to prepare something which can save us from the extremely hot environment of summers. Smoothies are great and you can easily prepare them at home in your smoothie maker to get rid of hotness in summer days.

Normal fruit juice can hardly give you the required amount of nutrients and vitamins that you must have. On the other side, smoothies are perfect because you can also add veggies to them with milk, cheese butter, and other dairy products. The best part is that preparing a delicious smoothie at home on your own in your smoothie making is great fun.


–    2 cups of peaches

–    Half cup of milk

–    One cup of vanilla ice cream

–    One tablespoon fresh lemon juice

–    Peach slices

Choosing correct home appliance

Usually, it is seen that smoothie maker are perfect to blend every kind of material. They are designed to handle the variety of fruits and vegetables whereas normal blenders wouldn’t do this. Only good smoothie maker can make all the particles smooth and drinkable. They also come with the beautiful jars in which you can direct have your smoothie. This will save your precious time and efforts to clean them.

Method to prepare

There are no skills or knowledge required in order to prepare this smoothie recipe. You can easily prepare just for these mentioned steps. In case you don’t prefer to add the ice into this then you should put all the ingredients in the freezer. You should always start making the smoothie with the liquid base because this will help you to make the smoothie taste great. It is also beneficial for the blades of the smoothie maker. You can mix rest of the ingredient into the jar and blend it on the high speed. It is better to drink the smoothie fresh. Fresh smoothies can give you one hundred percent nutrients without any problem.