November 25, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Sometimes it seems that no matter how carefully you hang and fold your clothing items, your wardrobe still turns into a disorganized pile of clothes rather quickly. Luckily, nowadays you can choose from a great variety of commercially available custom closet organizer systems, hanging organizers, compartments, shelves and bins that can help you organize your clothes and keep them tidy. 

Managing Your Clothes

Before choosing the right method of closet organization, you should determine what sort of clothes is your wardrobe predominantly stacked with. Shirts, t-shirts and tops are obviously best managed by storing them on hangers. Not only does this prevent creases and folds, but it also helps you browse and select which one you'd like to wear on a particular occasion without making a mess by having to turn over an entire pile of folded shirts. However, it is important to use the correct type of hangers – satin padded hangers for more delicate clothing, and tough, wooden hangers for jackets and overcoats. Pants and skirts are also best hung up to avoid creases, while professional organizers tend to claim that sweaters are best folded in order to maintain their shape and prevent stretching. Jeans are perhaps the most versatile of all clothing types – owing to the durability and texture of the fabric itself, jeans can be hung, folded or organized into boxes or bins, and they'll still maintain their shape. Small items like bow-ties, regular ties, hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories are best placed into closet bins or boxes and then stored away on wardrobe shelves. When storing bags, it is advisable to hang them on hooks. This way, large bags do not slump and lose their shape, as they do when stacked on shelves. 

Products and Ideas

There are many creative hacks and products to help you sort your clothes and keep them that way. From simple ideas like placing a pegboard in your wardrobe and thus creating a cheap dressing station (which can further be enhanced simply by adding a mirror to your wardrobe), all the way up to specialized items, such as shelf organizers, closet rods, garment racks, wire shelves, hanging bins and the like. One additional sort of items that many professional organizers swear by are shelf dividers. These can keep your wardrobe from becoming a chaotic mess simply by holding soft and unruly items – such as towels, cashmere or silk fabrics – firmly in place. Besides, many of us often forget how valuable doors can be in terms of space – many types of bars and racks that can be suspended from doors can help you save a lot of closet room. 

These ideas, combined with simple organizing tactics such as labeling and color coding your clothes, adding ladders to wardrobes in order to easily access those hard-to-reach areas, or even simply getting rid of those clothes you know you'll never wear again can help you maintain a tidy and practical closet. This, in turn, allows you to quickly reorganize your garments in accordance with the seasons and personal preferences.