February 7, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

During lunch yesterday I ran over to the grocery store next to my office to grab something to eat. While I was strolling up and down the aisles I passed by a women who was buying 2-3 boxes of Tylenol.  Not thinking anything about the purchase I walked by, gave her a cordial nod and turned to go down the next aisle.  After grabbing my food supplies I headed towards the check-out lane, to my surprise, stand behind the very same lady that was buying the Tylenol.

As we waited on the cashier she noticed my shirt with my Apex Medical Group embroidered logo and asked what I did for a living. I told her that I work at a Chandler chiropractic office right accross from across the street. With a quizzical look on her face she stated that she heard chiropractic care could help her out with headaches. She proceeded to explain how she had battled with migraines for 10+ years, and only using medication, really never found any relief from the issue. She stated she was eating pain pills 2-3 times a day and was honestly getting no relief. I explained that headaches can have multiple causes but that most of the headaches I see and treat deal with posture and muscle tension. I told her that I had great success in treating an relieving headache symptoms with most of my patients. After giving her my card and setting up  a time for her to come over for a consultation I saw her almost skipping out of the store with a new vigor to her step.