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4 Crucial Aspects Designers Need 

to Consider While Selecting Colors for a Website

One of the design elements which can effectively enhance aesthetic appeal of your site and draw user's attention towards it is colors. As such, Toronto web development companies need to pay special attention to use of colors on a website to achieve best possible results. In this context we will look into some of the important aspects related to use of colors that designers need to focus on.

Role of Colors for Websites

Here we will cover various topics related to use of colors which designers need to concentrate on while designing a website.

Aspect #1: Separation of Colors

Few of the things designers need to keep note of with respect to separation of colors consists of:

  • Selection of complementary colors
  • There is high contrast between colors
  • There are no subtle differences between colors

Aspect #2: Use of Distinctive Colors

Toronto web developmentDesigning a website involves use of science. Let us go through the details. Designers should understand that our brains make use of signals coming from what is known as retinal cone cell. The signals assist in development of unique color channels such as:

  • Black-White
  • Red-Green
  • Yellow-Blue

These details of how our vision functions become important since it has been seen that people easily recognize those colors that form the color channels. As such, Toronto web development firms need to make use of these 6 colors to create designs which perform better than others.

Aspect #3: Choice of Colors for Color Blind People

If you want to focus on people with problem of color deficiency then it will be necessary for designers to understand their special needs. The reason is that if such people are not able to properly distinguish between colors added on the site then it can result in drop in conversions as well as negatively effect performance of the site. Thus, Toronto web development companies should not use following pair of colors:

  • Dark red and dark green
  • Dark red and black
  • Blue and purple
  • Light green and white

In addition to it, designers need to avoid use of dark reds, blues or violets in conjunction with similar dark colors. Better thing to do will be to utilize such dark colors with light yellows or greens.

Aspect #4: Color Redundancy

Problems can occur when designers focus on use of a single color throughout the web site. A better option is to make use of redundancy in addition to other cues. As for instance, in case color serves the main purpose of marking a design element then an effort should be made to mark the same element in a different way also. A very good example would be of Apple where colors as well as symbols are used to differentiate smart photo albums present in iPhoto.

A Final Note

We can end here with a final note that if you want to retain visitors on your site and increase conversions then it will be important to focus on use of colors on the site. Right colors will help in proper branding of your website as well as increase credibility of your site.