May 19, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

How Pareto Principle, Fitts Law, Baby Duck Syndrome 

and Other Principles Can be Helpful in Creating Better Website Designs?

Usability is an important factor for success of any web site whether you are looking to increase conversions or build a loyal customer base. As such, your web design company needs to design your site in such a way that it is easy to use for everyone. In this context we will go through some usability aspects which designers need to pay attention to.

Steps Designers Need to Take to Improve Usability of a Website

web design companyHere we will examine usability changes which designers should implement for:

  • Improving navigational menus
  • Increasing focus on converting customers
  • Improving click rates
  • Thoughtful redesign of a website

Improving Navigational Menus

It is a known fact that people can only process limited amount of details at any given point in time. Thus, when any complex situation arises people usually divide available information into smaller parts to better comprehend the details. 7+2 principle states that people can remember only about 5 to 9 things and keep the same in short term memory. 

Design Implications

Designers need to keep note of this fact and provide limited options inside navigational menus (ideally, not more than 7). Increasing Focus on Converting Customers One of the principles designers need to be aware of is The Pareto Principle. This principle states that only 20% of all causes provide 80% of effects we get and is the basis for the well-known 80/20 rule. Businesses utilize this 80/20 rule to analyze sales they achieve and very well know that 20% of their client base provides 80% of total sales business is able to make.

Design Implications

A web design company can make use of this rule for creating better websites. This can become possible when the design team clearly identifies 20% of client base that is resulting in 80% of conversions on a website and focuses on design elements which will be useful for such 20% of clients.

Enhance Click Rates

As per Fitt's Law, the speed with which you can move towards a specific targeted location mainly depends on two things, first is distance from the target and the second factor is size of that target.

Design Implications

Your web design company can effectively utilize Fitt's Law while designing a website. According to this law designers must keep note of mouse movements necessary for moving from one point to another. Thus, designers need to think about placement of links, messages and other elements to achieve better click through rates and make such elements more accessible.

Thoughtful Redesign of a Website

Users tend to get accustomed to certain design aspects present on sites and try to judge other websites as well as their designs according to those design aspects. This type of conduct is known baby duck syndrome.


Thus, it is clear that proper design is important for improving usability of a site and a web design company should pay attention to above details to make the site usable.