February 10, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Ice skating is an excellent sport and recreational activity that can engage people of different age groups. While most people see it as a risky activity but, with the right amount of activity almost anyone can become an expert ice skater. There are many different training programs available for all age groups. In fact there are some companies that even make toddler skates, specifically for the little ones 🙂

Depending on which type of ice skating you decide to engage in, there are plenty of ice skates of different brands such as Riedell skates, Jackson Ultima Skates, Gam Skates, etc.

Toddler skates are made using the same methods that these companies make for the adults but they lay special emphasis on the size of the toddler’s feet, since they are smaller. Most ice skates are made of leather, padded inner cushion and carbon steel blades. Some ice skates can be quite stiff but most of the versions are made to fit comfortably and this helps toddlers remain on the ice for a longer period without any feet pains.

Ice skating is a disciplined activity, though some people consider it a sport. There are 2 main styles of ice skating – Figure Skating and Ice Hockey. Most toddler skates are made for figure skating, but you can find ice hockey skates for toddlers as ice hockey is quite popular among kids. Most ice hockey skates are made for children older than 8 years since figure ice skates are more common option for toddlers.