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Electric leaf blowers are designed to take some of the grunt work out of gardening jobs. As a gardener, I like spending time in gardens but I don’t love working in my backyard. I understand this is a heretical statement to my some but I don’t like sweeping leaves from paths and patios and decks, so I don’t enjoy picking up piles of leaves and placing them in luggage – what I really do like is having an organized and gorgeous garden.

Electric leaf blowers assist with that. And they could help you all of the year round. I used to believe that electric leaf blowers would just be useful in the leaf fall season. I love gadgets but they need to earn their keep too and I do not need to invest in something that I get used of for just one month annually.

Fact is that the contemporary electric leaf blowers are useful all around the lawn in clearing grass mowings and general clearing up. They’re utilized to sweep out workshops and garages also.

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So it is not all about the collapse!

There is plenty of different makes and models but actually, there are 2 kinds of electric leaf blower so let us say a little about each type.

First, there’s the sort of blower known as an electric broom. This is intended to be a simple way to sweep patios and paths clear of dust and debris, twigs and leaves. This saves time and saves your back also. These might be corded but most are cordless and run off a rechargeable battery. They’re designed to perform a very easy job and they do it well.

Second, we’ve got a blower that could also vacuum the debris and leaves into a collecting bag for us. And a few can chew and pulverize the pile of leaves into a coarse leaf mulch.