April 16, 2018 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

If you want to purchase a reel stand that will last longer and will be useful for your projects, make sure that it is made of good quality material and has a big enough diameter to properly wrap the reel. If you do not have the appropriate reel then your stand is likely to get damaged easily.

Following are some materials that are commonly used for making reels for cables and wires:


1. Wooden reels

This type of reels is frequently used in industrial areas and on construction sites. They can further be categorized into 3 types. Firstly, export quality reels or drums that are used for sending cables and wires abroad, one-way reels that are for single use only and steel tyred reels, which can easily survive in different environments. The main benefit of using wooden reels is that they can easily be used for carrying the heavy haul of cables and wires.

2. Steel drums

Now businessmen have started replacing wooden reels with steel drums, especially in the cable and wire industries. This is because drums made from steel are more durable as compared to those made of wood. These drums also last longer.

3. Plywood reels

Reels that are made from plywood are usually used for transporting and carrying light weight wires and cables. They are economical and often used by your local electrician. This type of reels is made from poplar and birch wood.

You can always get cable reel stand to make your project easier and it also helps in prolonging the life of reels.