December 19, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Zip lining is one of the many adventurous activities to do in Thailand. It involves getting close to nature, enjoying the beauty of sky high, lush green trees in the tropical rainforests of Thailand and spotting some very rare species of animals, especially monkeys.


One of the best ways to learn about places which offer zip-lining in Thailand is by using the Thai app. You can also find out great tips for zip-lining and some dos and don’ts before starting your journey. These tips include:

1. Safety comes first:

Before anything else, make sure you are wearing a safety helmet and your safety gear is tied up securely. You should start off with the ride gently and shouldn’t jump or put your hands on the cable. Be very gentle and avoid jerky movements.

2. Always listen to your guide:

Your zip-lining guide knows the best. You should always listen to him and shouldn’t operate anything without consulting him. Also, you should never clip/unclip the hook by yourself. Always call for help even if you want to ask something trivial.

3. The landing:

The landing is always very tricky. Push your legs forward every time you aim to land on the ground. It will distribute your body weight, avoiding any strain to the legs.

4. The gibbons:

While you are zip-lining in Chiang Mai, you get a chance to spot gibbons, which is the highlight of the entire adventure. You should not go near them or make sounds which would attract them, since they can be dangerous.

Enjoy your time while zip-lining in this adventurous world of flora and fauna, foliage and sky rocketing trees!