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Nowadays lower back pain is a most common problem that millions of people are facing. Some of the common reasons for back pain are either a serious fall that injured your back or pregnancy, exercising in a wrong way, or being overweighed.

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Some tips to relieve your lower back pain

    Choose the right mattress

The mattress that is too soft or too hard may cause pain in your lower back. It is important to choose the right mattress. For pregnant women firm mattress is preferred, as that will provide a high level of support. People who feel lower back pain while sleeping on firm mattress should prefer the soft mattresses.

    Do Exercises 

You should do certain exercises in order to relieve your back pain. To practice exercise on a daily basis can make you feel better. However, people who experience severe pain in their lower back should not exercise without a recommendation of their doctor.

•    Sleep in right posture

Posture in which a person sleeps also put some effects on the lower back. Sleeping in right posture will help you to relieve your pain. Any individual experiencing the severe pain should not sleep on his or her stomach.

The best suitable posture is to sleep on one side with the pillow between the legs or sleep with a pillow under knees for the support. This will help you to relieve lower back pain.