November 18, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

If you play card games online on a regular basis then you should consider using a card game tracking software package. Most of the software packages available these days such as will help you analyse your play to not only find your strengths and weakness but will also let you know the strengths and weakness of your competitors. Even if you are a few hundred hands per week, you will quickly build a powerful database on the games where you excel as well as where you tend to lose.

The database will also include the play and hands of other players. Most packages can analyse this data to determine which tables will yield you the highest expected return.

What features you should expect in the tracking software?

  1. They usually provide a Heads Up Display (HUD) or overlay giving you detailed information about other players at a glance. This data can show you the percentage of time a player folds before  the flop, their level of aggression and the number of hands on which this data is based. This can make it quite easier to see whether a player is conservative, aggressive, loose or passive. You will also get a detailed player report about how they play, which hands they tend to quote and from which position; how often they steal blinds, how often they raise or fold on the flop, turn and river.
  2. Some advanced tracking systems will alert you to blind stealing opportunities, all-in situations and more. This can be invaluable for the novices but is useful for advanced players who are multi-tabling.

While choosing a tracking software package, make sure it is compatible with your favourite online game playing room.