September 7, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

When you come across a Nigeria news website, you would want to establish its reliability as there is this trend nowadays of websites with fake news emerging from everywhere. You will therefore want to have criteria against which you could compare different websites to determine whether they can be trusted for any news information that they make carry on their website.

The first thing that you could do is perhaps visit their ‘about us’ section as every popular website Naija news has this which would provide you with information about where such news channels get their news items from. This means, if a website does not have an ‘about us’ section then it would be better for you to move on and look for an alternative website as hiding this information would come in your way in future when you are after reliable pieces of information from Nigeria.

If a website does indeed feature an introduction section then you will have to check whether they are providing real news or something that most websites refer to as satire, which is designed for entertainment purposes and any news featured may not have an actual basis which can easily be classed as fake news in other words. So make sure you follow this routine whenever you come across a new website that has something to tell you about Nigeria which you may not have previously heard about in the past.