October 2, 2017 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

When we think about the current social structure, we seem to forget that there is a deep, entrenched feeling that everything related to plastic is of inferior quality. Be it plastic mugs, pots or even buckets, everything is seemingly an inferior quality product. This is the reason why anything to do with plastic is frowned upon, particularly for people that are extremely high up in the social hierarchy. They usually refuse to use any products made of plastic.

So, what prevents people from making use of plastic tablecloths?

  1. The plastic tablecloths do not have a good history with quality, as most of the brands, in order to cash in, starting making inferior quality products which would end up creating problems with the surface of the table.

  2. The plastic tablecloths are extremely bright in color and therefore do not go with the interior decor of many houses. However, that problem has been rectified with multiple brands bringing out a whole new range of color options for people to choose from.

  3. The plastic tablecloths always have problems in the sizes, particularly when purchased online. However, if people keep track of the size of the table, choosing the correct tablecloths would not be much of a problem for them.