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If you see a Russian consular site, you discovered they were requiring tourist coupon and reserve confirmation for visa processing. Within this part, we’ll attempt to clarify what tourist voucher and verification, occasionally known as a letter of invitation, is how and where to get it, and just how much it can cost. Get to know more about Russian corporate visa invitation, via

Every kind of visa includes a corresponding invitation kind: Tourist VISA requires tourist invitation, Company VISA — for company one, personal — for personal, etc. The invitation, visa support, travel voucher, traveling verification, or another title it may be known as is a standardized record issued from the area which invites one to Russia. This is a compulsory document to receive your payments processed!

As we’ve mentioned earlier tourist visa can be obtained on the grounds of invitation from a Russian tourist service or resort, enrolled with the Department of Consular Services of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each bureau is issued a particular its “tour/group reference number”. It’s a four-digit number. Ensure, your preferred agency informs it to you and you also place it on your Russian visa program.

Tourist letter of invitation is issued for no over 30 calendar days! When you want to remain in Russia more, you need to attain business or private remain visa instead.

Ordinarily, these invitations permit you to enter and depart Russia once. A double entrance letter of invitation is available if you go to Russia, then stop by a neighboring state (Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) then return to Russia. It, nevertheless, cannot be utilized for two individual entries that stretch passed 30-day interval.