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A Closer Look into Procedures

Criminal Lawyers Need to Follow in a Extradition Case

If your extradition has been requested by a foreign country then what you will have to do is consult experienced Toronto criminal lawyers. This way you will be able to understand your position in the case as well as work with lawyers to develop best defense which will help you get a favorable verdict. Let us go through details of role Toronto criminal lawyers play in helping an accused get bail, go through the process of show cause and challenge records presented at the time of hearing.

Manage Complexities of Getting a Bail

As soon as foreign country releases a warrant to get you arrested, Supreme Court will be issuing what is known as the provisional arrest warrant. It is worth mentioning here that it will be possible to execute this type of arrest warrant anywhere within the country. After your arrest you will get the opportunity to utilize your right of getting a bail. However, your bail application will not be approved if Attorney General is able to specify valid reasons that highlight necessity of detention in the extradition case.

Preparation for Show Cause Hearing

Toronto criminal lawyersLawyers working for Attorney General will try to fix an early date for the show cause hearing to ensure that defense lawyers cannot prepare for the hearing in the right manner. This is where role of experienced Toronto criminal lawyers becomes so important since they can utilize their experience to ensure all necessary steps are taken to prepare bail application in time for the show cause hearing. They very well know that improperly defending a show cause hearing will most likely cause long jail custody for their client and it will take a while before they can utilize a second opportunity to get bail. Apart from filling up necessary forms, your lawyer will have to perform other activities in this respect such as:

  1. Obtain sureties and present them in court
  2. Provide necessary letters of references

These steps when taken in right manner will ensure that bail application has all the necessary details and there are better chances of bail request getting accepted.

What happens during extradition hearing?

This is one of the most important phases of extradition process where it will be the responsibility of Toronto criminal lawyers to take required steps for challenging various records that are presented in the case. These records provide a summary of all the evidences prosecutorial authority of the country that has requested extradition certifies as available. It will be important for Toronto criminal lawyers to careful analyze available evidences that Attorney General has provided to take a decision about some of the details which they should challenge. In addition to it, lawyers will have to examine the position case is in for ascertaining usefulness of someone testifying in your favor.

In Conclusion

We will summarize here by saying that it will be imperative to take assistance of knowledgeable Toronto criminal lawyers for getting a favorable decision in your extradition case. Experienced lawyer have required expertise and are fully aware of the process as well as rules to follow to get the best possible verdict in such cases.