December 13, 2016 Jessica Lowe 0Comment

Are you running an online or a local business?

How much you spend monthly on marketing?

Businesses that spend less than 50% of their monthly budget on marketing do not stand a chance to compete with their competitors. Unless your marketing strategy is something out of this world, chances are, you will most likely end up with nothing.

This is because the average spending on marketing is well over 60% a month of the business’s budget. This means if you have $100 to spend on your business for a month, as much as $60 of it should be spent on marketing and remaining on other business activities. This is what most of the businesses do.

When you spend on marketing lavishly, you don’t need to have certificates but only those that are needed by law such as halal certification Singapore. A halal certificate is mandatory so you cannot go without it.

When you are spending a whole lot on marketing and your campaigns perform well, you just have to sit back and relax. Nothing has to be done at your end. Let your marketing team do the business.

Are you ready to allocate at least 50% of your monthly budget to marketing? I am sure you will be because you do not have any other choice, unfortunately.